Convocatoria Global Latin American Voices

Convocatoria Global Latin American Voices

Global Voices Theatre is a company looking to widen the scope of plays on UK stages, by supporting international playwrights whose voices are often under-represented on UK stages. We curate evenings of rehearsed readings, showcasing excerpts of plays from around the globe.

We are partnering with the Roundhouse in London to present the first Global Latin American Voices, curated by Malu Ansaldo which will premiere excerpts of plays by Latin American writers in English and in translation, never before staged in the UK.

We are welcoming submissions from Latin American playwrights who are based, or who previously resided, outside of the UK.

About our partner the Roundhouse:

The Roundhouse is a hub of inspiration where artists and emerging talent create extraordinary work and where young people can grow creatively as individuals. We believe in the power of creativity to change lives. By giving young people the chance to engage with the arts through our music, media and performance projects, we inspire them to reach further, dream bigger, and achieve more.

Global Voices is partnering with the Roundhouse to platform the work of young people; and so at least one of the shorlisted submissions chosen for performance will be by a playwright aged 18-25.

Plays can be any length, from any period, and with any number of characters; and must be in, or translated into, English. Works must not have been performed, staged or published in the UK.

If you are submitting a play that has been translated and if the play or translation is still under copyright, you must ensure that both the playwright and the translator (or the relevant rights-holders) give their authorisation for the translation to be submitted and to participate.

This is a paid opportunity and all writers will retain the rights to their work.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Midnight GMT Sunday 8th September 2019

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